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Please take a look through my portfolio, for my latest work in progress and what I have been up to please see my blog.

GDC Presentation - -

Here is the video of the presentation that I gave at GDC at the Unreal Educational Summit. I was kindly invited along to talk by Epic about the work that myself and the team over at Staffordshire University doing. It was great to represent our area and present the awesome student work that had been completed in the twelve weeks leading up to GDC. You can see the presentation and the work in progress showreel for the university below.


Hey Folks!

Its been a while since I have posted on here but I have been working on some new folio content and my first batch of Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials! This has coincided with the re-launch of my YouTube channel James Butcher 3D

You can take a look at the Tutorials over on the channel or from the posts below. I have two to start, one covering the process of creating a second set of UV’s for lightmaps in Unreal Engine and the second covering the process of building UE4 from Github source for developing projects for Nvidia Shield tablet.

Hope the tutorials are useful and if there is anything specific you would like me to make drop me a line through the contact section on my website.

GDC 2015 - -

GDC_C_Banner-770x250-516825760I will be attending GDC 2015 this year with EPIC Games. If you want to say Hi I will be on the Unreal Engine stand number 1024. I am going out representing the University and as a member of the Unreal Engine community. There are some awesome folks going out as well you can see everyone from the UE community that will be attending HERE:


Elysium Grenade Work In Porgress - -

Here is some work in progress of a grenade from Elysium ive been working on. The model has been taken into Zbrush and detailed, I am in the process of doing the UV’s for the low-res and im looking to get this baked out and presented in Unreal Engine 4 as soon as possible! Keep checking back for more updates.


Medical Deck Scene: Download - -


Here is the download for my Sci-Fi scene rendered in Unreal Engine 4!


Hopefully this will be useful to those starting out, the scene is looking into the use of modular assets and the use of master materials utilising a large number of material instances.

The master material could use some expansion and could be extended upon to add some additional features such as a branch for sub surface scattering, displacement and some more robust features for tillable materials.

I wanted to try and create a master material that could be used throughout multiple scenes as I make more. Hopefully the material might be useful to others to pick apart.



You are free to use the assets included for non commercial purposes. I hope this project helps and might offer some information that others can transfer to their projects!

You can download there project HERE 

EPIC Games Centre - -

A bit of a late update on the joint initiative I led at Staffordshire University linking the games awards to EPIC Games.

I developed the EPIC Games Centre Directly with EPIC and provides students with a great facility and a direct link to EPIC.

If you want to know more about the EPIC Games Centre see the videos and website below:

Announcement One

Announcement Two

Information about the EPIC Partnership


I have been working over the last few month with Hourences at Teotl Studios on their up coming PC title SOLUS.

I will be adding a load of work to my from page as it’s completed and rendered out! It has been great so far working on this as an environment artist and cannot wait for the game to be released.

You can find more information about SOLUS at:




New Website - -

This is my first post on my newly updated website, sadly I have lost all of my previous blog posts from the old one so I will will be adding an image dump in here of old work that was in the previous blog.

There is a load of different studies and mini projects included below. Take some time to have a look around and get in touch if you want to chat!


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